Abréviation Aéronautique


A Aircraft (JAR-FCL License)
A Airspace ICAO Class A
A/C Aircraft NOTE: plural form of "aircraft" takes no "s": aircraft
A/G Air/Ground (Air to ground and v.v.)
AAIM Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
AAL Above Airport Level
AAL Atlantic Air Loisirs
ABAS Aircraft Based Augmentation System
ACARS Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
ACAS Airborne Collision Avoidance System
ACC Area Control Center
ACG ATM/CNS Consulting Group (Eurocontrol)
ACI Airport Council International
ACT active, activated, activation message
AD Aerodrome
AD Airworthiness Directive
ADB Airports Database
ADCUS Advise customs
ADD Architecture Description Document
ADF Automatic Direction Finder
ADIZ Air Defence Identification Zone
ADLP Airborne Data Link Processor
ADS Automatic Dependent Surveillance
ADS-A Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Address
ADS-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast
ADS-C Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract
AEA Association of European Airlines
AECMA Association of European Aerospace Industries
AFB Air Force Base
AFIS Aerodrome Flight Information Service
AFM Aeroplane Flight Manual
AFTN Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
AGA Aerodromes and Ground Aids (AIP)
AGATE Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments (NASA)
AGDL Air-Ground Data Link
AGL Above Ground Level
AGLO Arbeitsgruppe Luftraum-Organisation
AIC Aeronautical Information Circular
AIM ATFM Information Message
AIM Aeronautical Information Manual (AIP in USA)
AIM Aeronautical Information Management (Eurocontrol)
AIP Aeronautical Information Publication
AIRAC Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control
AIS Aeronautical Information Service
ALT Altitude
ALTN Alternate
ALTP Airline Transport Pilot(s Licence)
AMC Acceptable Means of Compliance
AMC Airport Movement Control (Zurich)
AMC Airspace Management Cell
AME Aero Medical Examiner (FAA, JAA)
AME Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Australia)
AMIE AIS Met Information Equipment (Swiss Computer Self Briefing System)
AMS Aero Medical Services
AMSL Above mean sea level
ANM ATFM Notification Message
ANR Air Navigation Routes
ANS Active Noise System
ANS Air Navigation Services
ANSP Air Navigation Service Provider
ANT Airspace Navigation Team (Eurocontrol)
AO Aircraft Operator
AOC Airline Operations Centre
AOPA Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
AoR Aeroa of Responsibility
AOWIR Aircraft Operator What-If Reroute (CFMU/IFPS)
APP Approach (Control)
ARCID Aircraft Identification
ARINC (former Aeronautical Radio Inc., now just) ARINC (Manufacturer/Standard Setter)
ARN ATS Route Network
ARNS Aeronautical Radio Navigation Services
ARO Air Traffic Services Reporting Office (or Airport Reporting Office)
ARP Airport Reference Point
ARR Arrival
ASAP As soon as possible
ASAS Airborne Separation Assurance system
ASF Air Safety Foundation (AOPA-USA)
ASM Air Space Management
ASPH Asphalt Runway
ATA Actual Time of Arrival
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATCO Air Traffic Control Officer
ATD Actual Time of Departure
ATD ATC and Data Processing (EATMP Unit)
ATE Actual Time Enroute
ATFM Air Traffic Flow Management
ATIR Air Traffic Incident Report ("Near-Miss Report")
ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATM Air Traffic Management
ATN Aeronautical Telecommunication Network
ATPL Airline Transport Pilot ('s Licence)
ATS Air Traffic Services
ATSP Air Traffic Service Provider
AVGAS Aviation Gasoline (piston aircraft fuel)
AWY Airway


B Airspace ICAO Class B
BABLW Bundesamt für Betriebe der Luftwaffe
BAZL Bundesamt für Zivilluftfahrt (Swiss CAA)
BBJ Boeing Business Jet
BDY Boundary
BEF Before
BFR Biennial Flight Review (USA)
BFU Büro für Flugunfalluntersuchungen
BRNAV Basic RNAV (RNP-5 compliant)
BSE Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (or: mad cow desease)


C Airspace ICAO Class C
C Celsius (Centigrade)
C(-Office) Crew Office (AIS/MET)
CAA Civil Aviation Authority (of a country)
CAPS Complete Aircraft Parachute System
CAS Calibrated Air Speed
CASA Civil Aviation Safety Agency (CAA in Australia)
CASA Computer Assisted Slot Allocation
CAT Commercial Air Traffic
CAT Commercial Air Transport
CAT Clear-Air Turbulence
CAT I Instrument Landing Category I (similar: CAT II, CAT III)
CARD II CNS Applications Research & Development
CAVOK Ceiling and Visibility ok (good VFR weather)
CB Cumulonimbus
CBA Cost-Benefit Analysis
CDA Continuous Descent Approach
CDI Course Deviation Indicator
CDM Collaborative Decision-Making
CDR Conditional Route (FUA)
CDTI Cockpit Display of Traffic Information
CEAC Conférence Européenne de l'Aviation Civile (see ECAC)
CFI Certified Flight Instructor (USA)
CFII Certified Flight Instructor IFR (USA)
CFIT Controlled Flight Into Terrain
CFMU Central Flow Management Unit of Eurocontrol
CG Center of Gravity
CH Compass Heading
CHF Swiss Francs (Bankers' code)
CIA CFMU Internet Application
CILO Capacity Increase LOwer airspace
CIV Civil
CLR Clearance (or cleared)
CLSD Closed
CMIC Civil Military Interface standing Committee
CNS Communication Navigation Surveillance
CNS/ATM Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management
CoA, CofA Certificate of Airworthiness
CODA Central Office for Delay Analysis (Eurocontrol)=
COM Communications
COPI Co-Pilot
CPDLC Controller-Pilot DataLink Capability (or Communications)
CPL Commercial Pilots Licence
CR Class Rating
CRAM Conditional Route Availability Message CRCO Central Route Charge Office of Eurocontrol
CRE Class Rating Examiner
CRI Class Rating Instructor
CRM Cockpit Resource Management
CRS Conditional Route System (FUA: "Temporary Airways" on request)
CTAF Common Traffic Advisory Frequency
CTR Control Zone
CU Cumulus
CUST Customs
CVFR Controlled VFR (still existing in some countries)
CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder


D Airspace ICAO Class D
DA Decision Altitude
DAP Downlink Aircraft Parameter (Mode S Transponder)
dB Decibel
DC Dual Control
DCA Directorate of Civil Aviation
DCT direct
DEG Degrees
DEL Delay/delayed
DEP Departure
DEV Deviation
DF Direction Finder
DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung AG
DG Director General (or: Direction Générale e.g. EU)
DG Directional Gyro (Gyro Compass)
DGNSS Differential GNSS
DGPS Differential GPS
DGTren Directorate General Transport and Energy (EU)
DH Decision Height
DLA Delay (Message of an ICAO FPL)
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
DOF Date of Flight
DOP Dilution of Precision (GPS)
DP Data Processing
DSP Digital Signal Processor
DUAT Direct User Access Terminal (US Computer Self-Briefing system)


E East
E Airspace ICAO Class E
EAA Experimental Aircraft Association
EAD European AIS Database
EAG European ATFM Advisory Group
EANPG European Air Navigation Planning Group (ICAO)
EAS European Air Sports
EASA European Aviation Safety Authority (planned to replace JAA)
EATCHIP European Air Traffic Control Harmonization Implementation Project
EATMS European Air Traffic Management System
EATMP European Air Traffic Management Plan
EBAA European Business Aviation Association
EC European Commission
ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference ("Association" of Europe's CAAs)
ECOGAS European Council of General Aviation Support
EEC Eurocontrol Experimental Centre
EET Estimated Elapsed Time
EFATO Engine Failure At Take-Off (JAR-FCL)
EFDP European Flight Data Processing
EFIS Electronic Flight Instrumentation System
EGNOS European Geostationary Navigation Overlay System
EHS Enhanced Surveillance (Mode S, 2nd step)
EHSI Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator
ELA European Light Aircraft - ELA1 MTOW 1200 kg; ELA2 MTOW 2000 kg
ELBA Emergency Locator Beacon-Aircraft
ELEV Elevation
ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter (crash-activated transmitter)
EMC EATMP Management Committee
ENPRM Eurocontrol (European?) Notice of Proposed Rule Making
EOBT Estimated off-block time
EP European Parliament
ERA European Regional Airlines Association
ESA European Space Agency
ESC Economic Social Committee
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETFMS Enhanced Tactical Flow Management System
ETSI European Telecommunication Standardizatio Institute
ETOPS Extended Range Twin-Engine Operations (or: Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim)
EU European Union
EUAPA European Union Airplane Pilots Association
EUR European Region
EUR Euro (currency)
EUROCAE European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment


F Airspace ICAO Class F
F Fahrenheit
FA Area Forecast (Meteo)
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control
FAF Final Approach Fix
FAWP Final Approach Waypoint
FANS Future Air Navigation System (an ICAO project group)
FAR Federal Aviation Regulation (+Number)
FBO Fixed Base Operator
FCC Federal Communications Commission (USA)
FCL Flight Crew Licensing
FCM Flight Confirmation Message
FD Winds and Temperature aloft Forecast
FDP Flight Data Processing
FDR Flight Data Recorder
FE Flight Examiner
FI Flight Identity (Code) - (Mode S Transponder)
FI Flight Instructor
FIC Flight Information Center
FIE Flight Instructor Examiner
FIO Flight Information Office
FIR Flight Information Region
FIS Flight Information Service
FIS-B Flight Information Service-Broadcast
FFAS Free Flight Air Space (Eurocontrol Definition)
FL Flight Level, Altitude x100 = feet AMSL (FL 70 = 7000ft) at ISA
FLIR Forward Loocking Infra-Red
FLOS Flight Level Orientation System
FLT Flight
FM Frequency Modulation
FMD Flow Management Division (CFMU/Eurocontrol)
FMP Flow Management Position (local Slot coordinator)
FMS Flight Management System
FNPT Flight Navigation and Procedure Trainer
FOCA Federal Office for Civil Aviation (Swiss CAA - see BAZL)
FOD Foreign Object Damage
FPL Flight Plan (for ATC)
fpm feet per minute (vertical speed)
FSDM Flight Statistical Development Management
FSDO Flight Standard District Office (FAA USA)
FSS Flight Service Station
ft feet (approx 0.3 Meters)
FTD Flight Training Device (lower category "simulator")
FTO Flight Training Organisation (Flight School)
FUA Flexible Use of Airspace
FVS Fliegerische Vor-Schulung


G Acceleration force unit (1G = Earth Gravity)
G Airspace ICAO Class G
GA General Aviation (mainly private and business aviation)
GA&AW GA/AW General Aviation and Aerial Work (all non-commercial civil aviation)
GAC General Aviation Center
GAFOR General Aviation Forecast (Weather)
GAL Gallons (usually US 3.78 liter, may be Imperial 4.54 liter)
GAMA General Aviation Manufacturers Association (USA)
GAT General Air Traffic
GAT General Aviation Terminal
GATT General Agreement on Trade and Taxes
GBAS Ground Based Augmentation System (DGNSS/DGPS/LAAS)
GCA Ground Controlled Approach ("Talk-down")
GCI Ground Communication Infrastructure
GEN General
GENDEC General Declaration Customs Form see full size, download zipped form,
GEO Geostationary Earth Orbit (Satellite)
GEO geographic (NAV: versus magnetic)
GFT General Flight Test (JAR-FCL)
GHz Gigahertz (1'000 MHz or 1'000'000'000 Hertz)
GLD Glider
GLONASS Global Orbitting Navigation Satellite System (Russian GNSS)
GLS GPS Landing System
GM-P10 GM=Morocco, P10=Prohibited Area No. 10.
GND Ground
GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System (Satellite Navigation in General)
GPA Groupe Parlementaire pour l'Aviation
GPH Gallons (US) per hour
GPS Global Positioning System (USA GNSS), see also FAA GPS Product Team
GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System
GRAS GBAS Regional Augmentation System
GS Ground Speed
GSC Global Signalling Channel (VDL-4)
GSM General Standard for Mobile Communication (Mobile phones)


H Helicopter (JAR-FCL)
HB- Swiss nationality marks for aircraft registration
hPa Hecto-Pascal. Unit to measure pressure (e.g. weather reports)
HDG Heading
HEL Helicopter
HEO High Earth Orbit
HF High Frequency
Hg Mercury (Unit for pressure measurement inHg etc.)
HIGE Hover In Ground Effect
HIRL High Intensity Runway Lights
HITS Highway In The Sky (Flight/NAV display concept)
HJ Operating hours during daylight
HMI Human Machine Interface
HOGE Hover Out of Ground Effect
HP Horsepower
HQ Headquarters
HSI Horizontal Situation Indicator
HUD Head-Up Display
HX Operating hours on request
H24 Operating 24 hours


IACA International Air Charter Association
IAF Initial Approach Fix
IAOPA International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations
IAOPA-EUR IAOPA European Region
IAS Indicated Air Speed
IAS-TFB Implementation Air Space Task Force Group B (Eurocontrol)
IATA International Air Transport Association
IAWP Initial Approach Waypoint
IC Interogator Codes (II and SI codes)
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation (a UN-Suborganisation)
ICD Interface Control Document
ID Identification
IDL Interface Definition Language
IFPS Integrated Flightplan Processing System of Eurocontrol
IFPUV IFPS Validation System (offline Route Verification by Internet)
IFR Instrument Flight Rules ("all" weather operations rules)
IG(al) Imperial Gallon (4,54 Liter)
II Interogator Identity (Code) - (Mode S Transponder)
ILS Instrument Landing System
IM Inner Marker
IMC Instrument Meteo Conditions (weather requiring IFR flight)
in inch
inHg inches of Mercury (unit of pressure)
INS Intertial Navigation System
IPG IFR Procedure Group
IPPL National (ICAO) Private Pilots License (AOPA internal abbreviation)
IR Instrument Rating
IR Infra Red
IRE Instrument Rating Examiner
ISA ICAO Standard Atmosphere ) Both definitions exist.
ISA International Standard Atmosphere ) Unclear which one is corrct!
ITU International Telecommunication Union


JAA Joint Aviation Authorities (CAA of Europe)
JAR Joint Aviation Recommendation (as used in some JAA documents, reported false!)
JAR Joint Aviation Regulation (as used in some JAA documents, reported false!)
JAR Joint Aviation Requirement
JAR-1 JAR on Definitions and abbreviations
JAR-22 JAR on Sailplanes and and Powered Sailplanes
JAR-25 JAR on Large Airplanes
JAR-36 JAR on Aircraft Noise
JAR-145 JAR on Approved Maintenance Organisations
JAR-147 JAR on Maintenance Training
JAR-APU JAR on Auxiliary Power Units
JAR-AWO JAR on All Weather Operations
JAR-E JAR on Engines
JAR-FCL JAR on Flight Crew Licensing
JAR-MED JAR on Medical
JAR-P JAR on Propellers
JAR-TSO JAR on Technical Standard Orders
JAR-OPS JAR on Flight Operations
JAR-VLA JAR on Very Light Aeroplanes
JET-A1 Jet Fuel type A1
JPPL JAR-FCL Private Pilots License (AOPA internal abbreviation)
JSA Joint Steering Assembly (JAA)
JURG Joint User Requirement Group


K Airspace Eurocontrol Project Class K (all traffic known)
kHz Kilohertz (1'000 Hertz)
KIAS knots indicated air speed
KOSIF Koordinationsstelle für Schiess-Informationen (Swiss MIL Shooting)
KPI Key Performance Indicator
kph Kilometers per hour
KTAS knots true air speed
kt(s) knots (1.852 km/h)


LAAS Local Area Augmentation System
LAHSO Land And Hold Short Operation (to cross intersecting runway)
LAT Latitude
LBA Luftfahrt-Bundes-Amt (German CAA)
lbst Pounds of static thrust
LDA Landing Distance Available
LDG Landing
LEO Low Earth Orbit
LH Lefthand
LI-R5 LI=Italy, R5=Restricted Area No. 5
LIRL Low Intensity Runway Lights
LLWAS Low Level Wind Shear Alert System
LLZ Localizer (approach system)
LNAV Lateral Navigation (GLS)
LOA, LoA Letter of Agreement
LOC Local, Location, Localizer
LONG Longitude
LORAN(-C) Long Range Navigation
LSA Light Sport Aircraft - MTOW 600 kg; Vp max 120 Kts
LSC Local Signalling Channel (VDL-4)
LS-D12 LS=Switzerland, D12=Danger Area No. 12
LT Local Time
LTE Long Term Exception (JAR-FCL)


MAC Mean Aerodynamic Chord
MAHWP Missed Approach Holding Waypoint
MAP Map section of AIP
MAS Managed Airspace (Eurocontrol Definition for ATM2000+)
MAS UAC Maastricht Upper Airspace Center
MASP Minimum Aviation System Performance
MATSE ECAC Transport Ministers Meeting on the Air Traffic System in Europe
MATZ Military ATZ
MAUW Maximum All-Up Weight
MAWP Missed Approach Waypoint
mb Millibar (replaced by hPa)
MCC Multi-Crew Certificate (JAR-FCL)
MCI Mobile Communication Infrastructure
MCTR Military CTR
MD Medical Doctor
MDA Minimum Descent Altitude
ME Multi Engine
MEA Minimum Enroute Altitude
MEL Minimum Equipment List
MEL Multi-Engine Land
MEO Medium Earth Orbit
MEP Member of Parliament
MEP Multi Engine Piston
MET Meteo (office, report, service etc.)
METAR Meteorological Actual Report (current weather)
MFD Multi Function Display
MH Magnetic Heading
MHP Menthal Health Professional (or: psychologist)
MHz Megahertz (1'000 kHz)
MIL Military
MLS Microwave Landing System
MLW Maximum Landing Weight
MM Middle Marker
MMI Man-Machine Interface (see HMI)
MMR Multi-Mode Receiver
MNPS Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications
MOCA Minimum Obstacle Clearance Altitude
MOD Moderate
MOGAS Motor Gasoline (Auto-Gas)
MON Motor Octane Number (aviation fuel rating)
MOPS Minimum Operation Performance Standards
MOT Ministry of Transport
MP Multi-Pilot
MPA Multi-Pilot Aeroplane
MPH Multi-Pilot Helicopter
mph Miles per hour (statute miles, 1.609 km/h)
MRVA Minimum Radar Vector Altitude
MRW Maximum Ramp Weight
MSA Minimum Safe Altitude
MSG Message
MSL Mean Sea Level
MT Magnetic Track
MTOM Maximum Take-Off Mass
MTOW Maximum Take-Off Weight
MVA Minimum Vectoring Altitude
MZFW Maximum Zero-Fuel Weight
M$ Megadollars (1'000'000 US dollars)


N Airspace Eurocontrol project Class N (managed traffic only)
N North
n/a not available or not applicable
N(....) Country identifier for aircraft registered in USA
NAA National Aviation Authority (generic term within JAA)
NABS Navigation Augmentation Broadcast Service (ICAO for GBAS)
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Agency (USA)
NAT North Atlantic
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NATS National Air Traffic Service (UK)
Navaid Navigation Aid (Ground Radio Station for Navigation)
NAV Navigation
NDB Non Directional Beacon
NEAN North European ADS-B Network
NELS Northwest Europe Loran Steering Committee
NIMBY "Not In My Back-Yard"-Syndrome: "We need an airport but not here"
NIL Nothing, no information
NM, nmi Nautical Mile (1.852 km)
NOSAR No Search and Rescue required (Australia)
NOTAM Notice to Airmen
NOTAR No Tail Rotor
NPA Non-Precision Approach
NPA Notice of Proposed Ammendment (JAR)
NPO Non-Profit Organisation
NPPL National (ICAO) Private Pilots License (AOPA internally used: IPPL)
NPRM Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (USA)
NTSB National Transport Safety Board (USA)
NW North-west


O/R on request
OACI Organisation de l'Aviation Civile Internationale (voir ICAO)
OAT Outside Air Temperature
OAT Operational Air Traffic (MIL)
OBS Omni Bearing Selector (VOR)
OBST Obstacle, obstruction
OCD Operational Concept Document
ODIAC Operational Development of Initial Air/ground Data Communications
ODT Operational Requirements and Data Processing Systems Team
OFAC Office Fédérale de l'Aviation Civile (Swiss CAA - voir BAZL)
OM Outer Marker
OMS Outer Marker Substitute (sort of a virtual OM)
ONC Operational Navigation Chart
OPS Operations (or Operating hours)
ORD Operational Requirments Document


p/p per person, per passenger
PANS Procedures for Air Navigation Services (ICAO)
PAPI Precision Approach Path Indicator
PAR Precision Approach Radar
PART Pressure Altitude Reporting Transponder
PAX Passenger(s)
PCL Pilot Controlled Lighting (RWY Lights operated by Microphone)
PED Personal Electronic Devices (e.g. Walkman, Handy etc.)
PETAL Preliminary Eurocontrol Trial Air/ground Data Link
PGL Parlamentarische Gruppe für Luftfahrt
PiC Pilot in Command
PIREP Pilot (weather) Report
PNR Prior Notice Required
POB Persons on Board
PP(L) Private Pilots Licence (general)
PPL A Private Pilots Licence Aeroplane
PPL H Private Pilots Licence Helicopter
PPL/IR Association of PPL holders with Instrument Rating
ppm Parts Per Million
PPM Possible Pricing Mechanism (Eurocontrol)
PPM Programme Portfolio Management
PPO Prior Permission Only
PPP Public Private Partnership
PPR Prior Permission Required
PRC Performance Review Commission (Eurocontrol)
PRK Photo Refractory Keratomy (eye surgery)
PRNAV Precision RNAV (RNP-1 or less compliant)
PRR Performance Review Report
PSG Program Steering Group
PSI Pounds per square inch
PSIA Plan Sectoriel d'Infrastructure A‚ronautique
PT Procedure Turn
PVT private


QDR (Q-Code) for Homing Track from a Station
QDM (Q-Code) for Homing Track to a Station
QGO (Q-Code) for Airport Closed
QFE (Q-Code) for Air Pressure in hPa on Ground (airport elevation)
QNH (Q-Code) for Air Pressure in hPa calculated to MSL
QUAMGO Quasi-Monopoly Government Organisation


R Rating
R&D Research and Development
RA Resolution Advisory (TCAS)
RAF Royal Air Force
RAIM Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
RB Relative Bearing (NAV)
RBAS Receiver Based Augmentation System (DGNSS/DGPS)
RCA Recommended Crossing Altitude
RCA Remote Client Application (CFMU)
REA Ready Message
REIL Runway End Identifier Lights
RF Radio Frequency
RF Registered Facility ("national" flight school as per JAR-FCL)
RFI Request For Improvement Message (slot)
RFP Reglement über die Ausweise für das Flugpersonal
RH Righthand
RIA Regulatory Impact Assessment
RIMS Remote Integrity Monitoring Station (?)
RM Regional Meeting
RMI Radio Magnetic Indicator
RMK Remark(s)
RNAV Area Navigation
RNP Radio Navigation Plan
RNP Required Navigation Performance RNP-n accuracy of +/- n NM during 95% of flight must be maintained
RNSS Radio Navigation Satellite Services
ROC Rate of Climb
RON Research Octane Number (Auto fuel rating)
RON Remain Over Night
RPL Repetitive Flight Plan
RPM Revolutions per Minute
RPN Réglement pour le Personnel Navigant
RPPL Restricted PPL
RSO Route per State Overflown
RTCA (formerly) Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics, now RTCA Inc.
RT(F), R/T Radio Telephony
RTA Remote Terminal Access (CFMU)
RUSC RVSM User Support Cell
RVR Runway Visual Range
RVSM Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (1000ft above FL 290)
RW, RWY Runway
RxTx Receiver-Transmitter


s/n serial number
SAR Search and Rescue
SARP Standards And Recommended Practices (usually "Sarps" =plural form)
SAT Satellite ...
SATNAV Satellite Navigation (generic)
SB Service Bulletin
SBAS Space (or Satellite) Based Augmentation System (DGNSS/DGPS/WAAS/EGNOS)
SC Stratocumulus
SE Single-Engine
SEL Single-Engine Land
SEP Single-Engine Piston
SFC Surface
SFE Synthetic Flight Examiner SG Sub-Group (of Eurocontrol Working Groups)
SI Surveillance Identity (Code) - (Mode S Transponder)
SID Standard Instrument Departure
SIGMET Significant Meteo (hazardous weather warning)
SIM Simulator
SIL Sachplan Infrastruktur Luftfahrt
SIP Slot Improvement Proposal Message
SIRO Simultaneous Intersecting Runway Operation
SITA Société Internationale de Télécommunication Aéronautique
SL Sea Level
SLP Speed Limit Point
SM Statute Mile (1.609 km - ACHTUNG: Nicht See-Meile!)
SME Small and Medium Enterprises
SMEL Single/Multi Engine Land
SMGCS Surface Movement Guidance and Control System
SMGS Surface Movement Guidance System
SMM Slot Missed Message
SMS Short Message System (Mobile Telephone Feature)
SMS Surface Management System
SP Single Pilot
SPA Single Pilot Aeroplane
SPA Slot Improvement Proposal Acceptance Message
SPECI Special Report (Meteo)
SPH Single Pilot Helicopter
SPIC Student Pilot in Command (JAR-FCL)
SR Sunrise
SRJ Slot Improvement Proposal Rejection Message
SRR Slot Revision Request Message
SRS Standard Routing Scheme (ARN)
SS Sunset
SST Slot Start Time
SST Super Sonic Transport
STA Scheduled Time of Arrival
STAR Standard Arrival
STC Supplemental Type Certificate
STD Scheduled Time of Departure
STD Synthetic Training Device
STDMA Self-Organizing Time Division Multiple Access (VDL)
SUA Special Use Airspace (USA)
SVFR Special VFR
SWC Significant Weather Chart
SWIM System Wide Information Management
SWM SIP Wanted Message


t / T tonne
t/o take-off
TA Transition Altitude
TACAN Tactical Air Navigation
TACT Tactical System (CFMU)
TAF Terminal Area Forecast (weather forecast)
TAS True Air Speed
TAWS Terrain Awareness and Warning System
TBO Time between overhaul
TC True Course
TCAS Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System
TCH Threshold Crossing Height
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access (VDL)
TF Task Force
TGL Technical Guidance Leaflet (JAA)
TH True Heading
THR Threshold
TIM Time (Eurocontrol, everybody else is able to add an "e")
TIS-B Traffic Information System-Broadcast
TKOF Take-Off
TLS Transponder Landing System
TMA Terminal (Control) Area
TMG Touring Motor Glider
TNC Tactical Navigation Chart
TPIA Transition Plan for Implementation of Airspace Strateby
TPC Tactical Piloting Chart
TSMO Time since major overhaul
TSO Technical Standard Order
TR Type Rating
Transeiver Transmitter-Receiver
Transponder Transmitter-Responder
TRE Type Rating Examiner
TRI Type Rating Instructor
TRTO Type Rating Training Organisation
TT Total Time (since new or since ...)
TT True Track
TWR Tower (Control Tower)


U Airspace Eurocontrol project Class U (unknown traffic)
u/s unserviceable
UAT Universal Access Transceiver
UAV Unmanned (or Uninhabited) Aeronautical (or Aerial) Vehicle
UFN Until Further Notice
UFO Unidentified Flying Object
UHF Ultra High Frequencies (300 MHz-30 GHz)
UL, ULM Ultralight, Ultra-léger motorisé
UMAS Unmanaged Air Space (Eurocontrol Definition)
URB User Relations Bureau (CFMU)
USAF US Air Force
USG(al) US-Gallon (3.78 Liter)
UTC Universal Time Coordinated


V Speeds (see box for details)
VAL Visual Approach and Landing (Chart)
VAR Variation
VASI Visual Approach Slope Indicator
VAT Value Added Tax
VDB VHF Data Broadcast
VDL VHF Data Link (-n = type n)
VFR Visual Flight Rules ("good" weather operations rules)
VHF Very High Frequency (30-300 MHz)
VIS Visual, Visibility
VJAR-FCL Verordnung JAR-FCL (JAR-FCL transformed to Swiss Law)
VLA Very Light Aircraft - two seats max; MTOW 750 kg; Vs0 45 Kts
VLA Very Large Aircraft (NATO description for future transport aircraft)
VMC Visual Meteo Conditions ("good" weather for VFR or IFR)
VNAV Vertical Navigation (GLS)
VOR VHF Omnidirectional Radio-Range
VORTAC VOR/TACAN Station (combined)
VOR/DME Combined VOR and DME radio station


WA (IAOPA) World Assembly
WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System
WCA Wind Correction Angle
WGS-84 World Geodetic System of 1984
WIP Work in Progress
WMO World Meteorological Organisation
WP, WPT Waypoint
WWII 2nd World War
WX Weather


XPDR Transponder. Radar-enhancement/datalink box for ATC purposes.


Y2k Year-2000 (computer date problem) NOTE: k=decimal kilo=1000 (1-1000); thus Y2k=2000
K=binary kilo=1024 (0-1023); thus Y2K=2047


Z Zulu Time (=UTC)


100/130 AVGAS of 100 (best mixture)/130 octane (full rich mixture)
100LL AVGAS of 100 (best mixture)/130 octane (full rich) low lead (=most used)
1090 Mode S Transponder (1090 MHz = Mode S Frequency)
406 MHz Emergency Locater Beacon (or Transmitter) on 406 MHz Frequency
4D (NAV) 4-Dimensional Navigation (LONG LAT ALT TIME)
5 by 5 Five by five is an expression used in aviation (and maybe other)
radio communication to indicate the quality and loudness of received voice
transmissions. Rated one to five indicates - first figure - clearness and -
second - loudness. Five by five means that a transmission is received clear
and loud (in clear words usually loud and clear is used...). One by one, on
the other hand, means it can hardly be heard and is not understandable. If
you have a loud but distorted transmission, you may hear two by five, and a
weak but clearly understandable one may be called five by three... The
definition of this must be included somewhere in a radiotelephony document
of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation)
8.33 (kHz) Communication Frequences with 8.33 kHz channel spacing
80/87 AVGAS of 80 (best mixture)/87 octane (full rich mixture)
82UL AVGAS of 82 (best mixture) octane (approx 90 octane full rich) unleaded
91/96UL AVGAS of 91 (best mixture)/96 octane (full rich mixture) unleaded


VAManoeuvering Speed (max. structural speed allowed for full control deflection)
VDMax. Dive Speed (for certification only)
VFEMax. Flaps Extended Speed
VLEMax. Landing Gear Extended Speed
VLOMax. Landing Gear Operation Speed
VNENever Exceed Speed
VNOMax. Structural Cruising Speed
VRRotation Speed
VS0Stalling Speed Landing Config.
VS1Stalling Speed in a specified Config.
VSSEMinimum Safe Single Engine Speed
VXBest Angle of Climb Speed
VXSEBest Angle of Climb Speed, 1 engine inoperative
VYBest Rate of Climb Speed
VYSEBest Rate of Climb Speed, 1 engine inoperative


Voice Spelling Alphabet


Echo X-ray Alfa Mike Papa Lima Echo Sierra.



ICAO CLASS Rules of use and services Remarks
A IFR: full separation.
VFR: not allowed
B IFR: full separation.
VFR: full separation. Reduced minimum distance from clouds. Clearance required.
C IFR: full separation.
VFR: separation from IFR. Traffic info VFR as far as practicable. Clearance required.
D IFR: full separation.
VFR: separation from IFR. Entry clearance and permanent radio contact required.
E IFR: separation IFR/IFR, Traffic info VFR as far as possible.
VFR: unrestricted. Information/SAR service.
F IFR: advisories and traffic info as far as practicable
VFR: unrestricted. Information/SAR service.
G IFR: information/SAR service
VFR: information/SAR service
REMARKS 1. Speed limits below 10000ft: 250kts. Reduced visibility 5km
2. A-E = controlled airspace, F/G = uncontrolled airspace

FPL Codes

Equipment Codes to be used in FPL



Letter current use proposed use Letter current use proposed use
B   FMS single B    
E   FMS dual E FMS  
H HF HF H    
I INS (?) INS I    
J Datalink Datalink J    
N no equipment   N    
P   GPS P    
Q Glonass Glonass Q    
R RNAV   R(n) RNP RNP n=1+9
S     S(n) XPDR Mode S XPDR Mode S n=1+9
V VHF VHF V(n) RVR RVR n=1+9
X     X MNPS  
Y   8.33kHz Y 8.33kHz  
Z other equipment   Z other equipment  

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